Rural New Mexico and Texas (Remote Learning)

Central New Mexico Community College Ingenuity

CNM Ingenuity partnered with the Thoma Foundation to deliver a UX/UI Deep Dive coding bootcamp to young adults in rural parts of New Mexico and Texas in 2021. This part-time bootcamp covered various topics, including why we need design, methods of design persuasion, UX research methodologies, software development methodologies, introduction to information architecture, data visualization, systems thinking, and the life cycle of product development. While this course focused on UX/UI design in the context of software development, participants also learned how this new skill can make them a valuable asset to any company, regardless of industry. The Thoma Foundation grant will cover recruitment and outreach, tuition, technology expenses, curricular customization, mentorship, and program evaluation for the 16 program participants.  

Services and Programming:

CNM Ingenuity supports a new approach to learning that provides accelerated educational and training opportunities in key workforce areas including technology and healthcare, wrap-around support for aspiring entrepreneurs, and cooperative ventures that foster economic development and job creation. Since being established in 2014, CNM Ingenuity has made tremendous progress on behalf of Central New Mexico Community College and the economy. The mission of CNM Ingenuity Inc. is to promote the public welfare and prosperity of individuals and to foster economic development within both the private and public sectors. CNM Ingenuity Inc. accomplishes this purpose by forging links between educational institutions, businesses, industries, and government.

Community Served:

Serving communities throughout the state of New Mexico, CNM Ingenuity creates collaborative partnerships to further workforce preparation and economic development. Many of their funding partners have similar missions to provide training and resources to under-served populations. Along with Central New Mexico Community College’s long-standing impact on these groups in Albuquerque, CNMI facilitates the creation of special programs and outreach to these populations. CNMI also partners with employers to provide specialized training and professional development courses.

In the News:

CNM and United Way Partner to Create an All-Women’s Deep Dive Cohort

CNM Ingenuity’s Deep Dive Coding Wins Prestigious Statewide STEM Award


Why We Partnered with CNM Ingenuity: 

  • Impressive record of translating workforce training into real career outcomes: 80% of Deep Dive graduates have found their desired employment and comfortable living wages in their new endeavors
  • CNMI’s devotion to technical coaching, mentorship, and alumni resources creates the support system that students need to succeed both in the program and in achieving their long-term career goals
  • Rigorous internal program evaluation developed through a W.K. Kellogg grant accurately quantifies significant improvements to alumni income, employment, and personal achievement over time
  • History of working closely alongside corporate and philanthropic partners enables CNMI to align their interests with the Thoma Foundation’s to sponsor a Deep Dive that parallels the core aims of the Foundation