Flagstaff, AZ
Digital Changemaker Grant

Flagstaff Arts Center

In 2021, the Thoma Foundation awarded a $100,000 Digital Changemaker Grant to the Flagstaff Arts Center to support the “Creative Flagstaff Digital Resource & Education Center.” This local arts agency is focused not only on advocacy, outreach, and grantmaking, but also organizing diverse exhibitions and performances at their arts center. Flagstaff Arts Council will build a digital resource and education center and train local artists and nonprofits to employ digital strategies in order to foster the adaptation of Flagstaff’s cultural sector to a digital-forward sector. The Center will procure equipment and software, adapt facility spaces, and employ a qualified coordinator/educator to open a digital resource center. Services and equipment will be free or low cost, especially initially. The center will provide software, professional-grade videography, photography, podcast, and recording equipment, and training programs.