Doña Ana County, New Mexico

Ngage New Mexico

Ngage New Mexico is the backbone organization behind the SUCCESS Partnership, a collective impact effort that represents a cross-sector of community partners who have come together to address education inequities in Doña Ana County (DAC).  SUCCESS is a robust network of educators, nonprofit partners, families, business owners, elected leaders, and other community stakeholders. Some achievements of the SUCCESS Partnership have included the launch and support of the Doña Ana County Early Childhood Education Coalition and their focus on three areas: Children Are Born into Healthy Homes, Children Are Ready for School, and the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Workforce is Supported. With the launch of the K-Career Coalition in November 2021, Ngage seeks catalyze the next generation of DAC students and their families through a collaborative approach with Ngage and the SUCCESS Partnership.  With Thoma Foundation support, the K-Career Coalition will be able to build on the work the SUCCESS Partnership has done in early childhood and K-12, and engage in strategic planning in 2022 to develop measurable goals, actionable objectives, key strategies and deep-dive community partnerships to address the intended outcomes of the K-Career Coalition, with an emphasis on unifying efforts to address them through a data informed, and community driven approach.