Digital & Electronic Art

Nora Khan, Emerging Digital Arts Writer

Nora Khan received the $20,000 award ($15,000 award plus the opportunity for a $5,000 project grant) for an emerging arts writer in the U.S. who demonstrates great promise in writing about digital art. Nora Khan is a writer and editor, and currently contributing editor at Rhizome. She writes fiction and creative essays about digital visual culture, the poetics of artificial superintelligence, the hidden affective life of Facebook emoji; belief in games; intelligent personal agents built on ambient neural learning systems; and the use of simulations to critique neoliberalism. Her writing has been published in Rhizome, Kill Screen, Conjunctions, After Us, AVANT, DIS Magazine and American Literary Review. She was a contributing critic to the Guggenheim’s Åzone Futures Market exhibition and co-managed Futures Along the Blockchain, a Rhizome fall commission.

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