Digital & Media Art

Video After Television

“Video After Television” is a revisitation of the publication “The New Television: A Public/Private Art,” originally published by EAI in 1977 as a compendium of the papers delivered during “Open Circuits: An International Conference on the Future of Television.” Organized by MoMA in 1974, this conference was a landmark in the museum exhibition of media art. “Video After Television” will re-publish “The New Television” accompanied by newly commissioned writings, providing a significant scholarly resource through a dual function of redistributing a publication that is now rare and hard to access, while reactivating the original with new perspectives and reflections.

The Thoma Foundation is proud to support this publication, which will have particular appeal to students and scholars of media art and the art/technology movement, but is intended to have a broad reach, mirroring the cross-disciplinary nature of the 1970s video art counterculture, which encompassed artists, scientists, engineers, philosophers, communication theorists, and activists.