April 5, 2022

Watch: NM Southern Summit Breakout Sessions

This video presents the Nonprofit Breakout Sessions and Brainstorming/Share Out Session at the 2021 Carl & Marilynn Thoma New Mexico Education Funders Southern Summit. This discussion invited local educators, administrators, and students to engage with funders and weigh in on their own experiences and to reflect on opportunities for philanthropy to make an impact in Southern NM. To learn more about this convening, please refer to the introductory post for this blog series. To find out about our panelists and facilitators, reference the bios presented here.

Breakout sessions with nonprofit leaders: The nonprofit leader panelists from the previous session led a series of dynamic conversations designed to help funders identify areas of common interest. 

Breakout session themes:

  • Toward a PK-14/16 Continuum: Lessons learned from the Blended Senior Year (Gadsden pilot), Tracey Bryan
  • Career Development: Youth Entrepreneurship, Afterschool, and Out-of-School Work, Daisy Maldonado
  • What does “Build Back Better” in education look like in Doña Ana County?, Lori Martinez
  • Educator Pipeline, Hope Morales
  • Addressing root causes to improve educational outcomes, Dr. Katherine Courtney Ortega


Brainstorming/Share Out Session: Funders had the opportunity to reflect together on what they heard during the previous panels and sessions. Danielle La Joie of Groundworks NM moderated and helped frame the conversation and identify next steps and after-conference action items.