April 4, 2022

Watch: NM Southern Summit Nonprofit Leaders Panel

Read the transcript that accompanies this video here.

This video presents the Nonprofit Leaders Panel at the 2021 Carl & Marilynn Thoma New Mexico Education Funders Southern Summit. This discussion invited local educators, administrators, and students to engage with funders and weigh in on their own experiences and to reflect on opportunities for philanthropy to make an impact in Southern NM. To learn more about this convening, please refer to the introductory post for this blog series. To find out about our panelists and facilitators, reference the bios presented here.

Introductory Remarks: Bernadette Smyth, Executive Director, Grant County Community Foundation

Recap of Previous Evening: Frank Lopez, former Executive Director of Groundworks NM

Facilitator: André Gonzales, previously of the Aspen Institute’s Weave: The Social Fabric Project 


  • Tracey Bryan, Executive Director, The Bridge of Southern New Mexico
  • Daisy Maldonado, Director, Empowerment Congress/CAASNM
  • Lori Martinez, Executive Director, Ngage New Mexico
  • Hope Morales, New Mexico Executive Director, Teach Plus
  • Dr. Katherine Courtney Ortega, Co-founder/Director, Anna, Age Eight Institute